Timothy McEnany case – One of the Worst Miscarriages of Justice in PA History

How is it possible that an innocent man was convicted for a crime he didn't commit, while the victim's grandson appears to have gotten away with murder?

How is it possible that an innocent man was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, while the victim’s grandson appears, according to many, to have gotten away with murder?

It has been about a year now, since I began to research and review the facts in the Timothy McEnany case — one of the worst miscarriages of justice in PA history, in my opinion. McEnany was accused of murdering a Hummelstown woman in March, 1993; and despite mishandling and tampering at the crime scene by the victim’s family, gross errors and misrepresentations of so-called “expert witnesses”, and a litany of inconsistencies longer than your arm, McEnany was tried and found guilty of the crime he didn’t commit.

Under normal circumstances, I might concede that it’s best not to interfere with the justice system — after all, if McEnany was found by a jury of his peers to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then the justice system would have functioned as it was meant to function. But that is not what happened in this case.

By attempting to cover-up the misdeeds that have plagued this investigation from the start, former District Attorney Chardo put his spin on the case in an episode of television’s Forensic Files (A Case of the Flue) saying, “Over the course of eight years, McEnany has had the benefit of a thorough review of his case. After two jury trials and appeals, twenty four jurors and each court that has reviewed the matter has been convinced that the evidence proves Timothy McEnany’s guilt in the murder of Kathryn Bishop.”

That would wash nicely, if the jurors weren’t being transported back and forth from the courthouse by the former State Trouper, now Sheriff involved in the case!

It would wash nicely if it weren’t for this author having heard the victim’s grandson respond in a state of PANIC, asking “How do you know… who are you?” to an “anonymous phone call”, in which he was told, “We know what you did to your grandmother… you won’t get away with this.”

Over the coming months, we will begin to piece together this story, as I pour through hundreds of pages of testimony, court records, apparently doctored-up police documents, and explore the possibility that there was everything from jury tampering to a crime scene that appears to have been sanitised by the real perpetrator’s family.



About Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato, OFM

Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato is a Franciscan priest and retired archbishop of the North American Old Catholic Communion. A former canon lawyer, he has dedicated his spare time to the research and furtherance of the efforts to free those unjustly convicted for crimes they did not commit.
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7 Responses to Timothy McEnany case – One of the Worst Miscarriages of Justice in PA History

  1. Blanca Rodriguez says:

    I am so happy that finally this case is being reviewed. I will pray that finally justice will be served and he can be reunited with his family.

    • That is my hope too, Blanca. Please help us spread the word as well. The more readers we get here on the blog, the greater our chance of creating a groundswell that the courts cannot ignore.

      • Blanca Rodriguez says:

        Think you should make a facebook page and share with others. I am not sure if many people read this blog I only discovered this upon doing a google search to follow up on Tim’s case. He was my inmate clerk and I have always believed in his innocence. Please give him my regards and tell him I am still praying for him.

  2. lynn says:

    I am currently corresponding with Tim and I would like to help in any way I can.
    Not sure what I can do,…..but the offer is there.


    • As we begin to tell Tim’s story, the best way of supporting what we’re doing will be to help us get the word out there, through social media and email. Give us a few weeks to get more content on the site, and then we’ll ask everyone to share this with a couple people they know. THANK YOU, LYNN!

  3. Sheri says:

    I believe he is right where he belongs. I’ve read all your articles on this case & one thing you haven’t addressed is the 2 phone calls he made to the victim less than an hour before she was brutally murdered. Or were those “planted” or part of some conspiracy as well? He beat that woman to death, I personally hope he rots right where he sits.

    • Nice try, Sheri, but your functional illiteracy and lack of reading comprehension notwithstanding (we did discuss the alleged “phone evidence”, and will be discussing and debunking that piece of evidence further), you clearly operate from a delusional set of standards.

      Any legitimate crime scene investigator and criminal psychologist (including the two that we consulted with) would tell you that the brutal attack on Mrs. Bishop was a crime of passion. And crimes of passion are most often perpetrated by those closest (such as a grandson, who fit the description of the witnesses, as the person fleeing the scene that night, and whose birthday it was March 4th; who might not have gotten what he wanted from her, and in a rage, killed her, intentionally or unintentionally.)

      When I began to review this case, my intention was to prove that this was not an innocent man, and that justice was served, as due process was followed. With a legal background, and with a few experiences consulting on crime scenes, I was shocked to find the unacceptable inconsistencies, lack of viable and credible evidence, crime scene tampering permitted by the family (who should have been prime suspects in the case), and potential jury tampering that was permitted in this case.

      Then, when you look at the politics behind the scenes, and see who got promotions, advancements and financial gain as a result of this miscarriage of justice (on BOTH sides of the aisle), it should be enough for any person with even HALF a brain, and a smattering of objectivity, to be sickened and convinced this man is innocent.

      Insofar as you’ve demonstrated neither of those qualities, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t understand at all.

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