What the State Alleges to have Occurred

This post will cover what the State alleges to have occurred between March 4th and 5th, 1993, when Katherine Bishop was found murdered in her home, in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Keep in mind, that we realise the reader is likely to notice glaring holes in this story, which we will address in futures post. The purpose this article is to put “their version” of events out there, so that you can begin to understand why I find their claims implausible.

On March 4th, Katherine Bishop contracted to have Timothy McEnany and Andrew Reischman, who operated a chimney sweeping and repair company, clean her chimney in her home on Grandview Avenue in Hummelstown, PA.

Some time between when they left her house late that afternoon, and the following morning, Katherine Bishop was found by her next door neighbour, Pauline Broadwater, lying face-down in her dining room.

The reporting officer proceeded to the rear of the residence, and noted a tear in the screen on the storm door, and a broken window pane.

It was determined that apparently the screen and broken window was discovered by Susan McClain & Cheryl Smith, who are employed by the Dauphin Consolidated Water Company, and function as water meter readers, who had arrived at the home to read the water meter.

Upon noticing the door at the victims home, they proceeded south to the Broadwater residence and summoned a neighbor. They returned to the rear of the home and noted that the main wood door was slightly ajar. Mrs. Broadwater then entered the home, and observed the victim lying on the floor of the dining room face-down.

At this time it was noted that there appeared to be a pen clutched in the right hand of the victim. Also noted was some type of blood mark on the left rear of the victim’s blouse.

Observations of the rooms in the home revealed a home that was found to be extremely cluttered and in disarray, with the exception of the victim’s living and dining room areas, which appeared to have been cleaned and sanitised posthumously.

Upon examination of the victim’s bedroom, it was noted that the large locked chest, where valuables would obviously be kept, was untouched, despite there being a large handled screw driver within easy reach on a nearby dresser.

The victim’s daughter, Janet Seitz claimed to have seen her mother just after 5 PM on Wednesday March 3rd. When a neighbour called her the following day to state that some men were working on her mother’s house, she came to her mother’s home again, a short time after 3 PM, and found McEnany and Reischman working on the chimney, one in the yard and another in the basement, whom she spoke with about the chimney cleaning. She spoke with her mother and then left for a short time to return home to get her mother’s checkbook to pay the cleaning bill.

She waited at home for a few minutes, and returned to her mothers home with her husband, Terry Seitz. She thought she returned around 4:00 pm, stating that she takes care of all of her mother’s financial matters, and claiming she and her mother were at the dining room table discussing finances, and getting some coins ready for the bank, and that the workmen were outside and inside the home.

Seitz stated that since it was the third of the month, Mrs. Bishop had got her social security check, and they were discussing banking, and that her mother went into one of the bedrooms and obtained a basket with a handle, and brought it to the dining room table. In the basket was an envelope with coins that her mother wanted deposited, and also there were three rolls of bills secured by rubber bands. Seitz related that her mother was becoming senile, and not always have full control of her facilities. Seitz related that her mother had money in the house but she did not know any amounts. She stated that her mother usually kept the money in a basket, and kept the basket in the bedroom area. Seitz related that during the time that the money was out on the table the younger chimney cleaner passed through the area a few times, and would have had opportunity to see the money.

Dauphin county Coroner Graham Hetrick arrived on the scene, along with Cpl. Eugene Smith and Tpr. Garret Rain, PSP Harrisburg, who were detailed to begin interviewing neighbors. Shortly afterwards, Cpl. Les Freehling, Tpr. John Lotwick, and Tpr. Jeffrey Stansfield, arrived at the scene and assisted in the investigation. Prior to the arrival of these officers, members of the Troop H Identification Unit: Tpr, Joseph Hoover, Tpr. George Kegerreis and Tpr. Timothy Shannon arrived at the scene. They began to take initial scene photographs at this time. [Note: No explanation for extraordinary number of State Troupers who were deployed to the scene has ever been offered.]

It was noted that the victim suffered trauma to the face, and a major portion of the victim’s face appeared to have been pushed or compressed to the right. Cursory examination of the face revealed no obvious open wounds at this time. The face of the victim was lying in a small pool of blood, which soaked into the carpet where she had lay. Coroner Hetrick related at this time that further examination of the victim will be made at the Dauphin county Morgue and that an autopsy woul be ordered. Hetrick also advised that the skull of the victim would be x-rayed.

At the conclusion of the autopsy, Dr. Ross indicated that the cause of death was listed as asphyxiation, caused by chest compression and multiple trauma. Dr Ross indicated that the victim had multiple contusions on her arms, and contusions on the back of her head. The victim also suffered from several broken ribs, and a broken scapula. The pathologist related that this was consistent with a person standing on the back of the victim, while she was on the floor, and that she suffocated in conjunction with the trauma to the face.

The county coroner related that he would rule this death a homicide.

On 3/6/93 reporting officer, and Tpr. Lotwick proceeded to the residence of Andrew Reischman, of Mandata, PA and encountered him at his residence. He was asked if he would voluntarily accompany these officers to make a taped statement with regard to this investigation. Reischman agreed to accompany these officers, and he was transported to PSP Harrisburg, and a stop for coffee was made along Front St, Harrisburg.

Arrival at PSP was approximately 11:30 a.m.

Also at this time, Timothy McEnany was approached by Cpl. Freehling and Tpr. Stansfield at 136 West Main St. Elizabethville, PA, and the same request was made to voluntarily accompany these officers to make a taped statement with regard to this investigation. McEnany agreed to the request, and came to PSP Harrisburg with those officers.

Reporting officer and Tpr. Lotwick then advised Reischman that it was requested that he make a taped
statement of his activities with regard to this investigation, and he agreed.

It was explained that he was not under arrest, and that he was free to leave at any time and that he would be transported home whenever he requested.

The tape was started by Tpr. Lotwick and Reischman was asked to relate his activities. He was allegedly uneasy in being able to tell the story, and felt more comfortable in being asked questions.

At approximately 12:22 pm the tape of Reischman was concluded. At this point the subject was engaged in general conversation for a brief time period.

Also at this time the Accused [sic] McEnany was being interviewed by Cpl. Freehling and Tpr. Stansfield.

After the interview with Reischman, a request was made of him to obtain the clothing that he was wearing that day, and also to have his fingerprints taken, due to the fact that the identification officers may uncover unknown prints in the home of the victim, and it may be one of his prints since he was in the residence.

The subject [sic] Reischman complied with this request and upon arrival of Tpr. Shannon, the fingerprints of were obtained. After this action, a request was made of Reischman to submit to an examination by a polygraph, and Reischman replied that he would submit to a polygraph. Also at this time Cpl Freehling requested the Accused [sic] McEnany submit to a polygraph and the Accused [sic] McEnany agreed to this action.

Tpr. Terry McElheny was then contacted and the procedures for the polygraph examination of Accused [sic] McEnany were initiated.

The subject Reischman was then advised that it would be sometime before the test and he requested to remain at PSP for the test.

At this time, Reischman was advised by this officer that there were certain inconsistencies in his story, and Reischman indicated that he wanted to return home to watch some type of auto race, and that his sister was returning to New York and that he wanted to see her.

Reischman stated that he did not want to take the polygraph on this date, and he would take the examination on the next day. He expressed a desire to be returned home and he was taken home by Tpr. Lotwick and Tpr. Garret Rain.

When Tpr. Lotwick arrived at the residence of subject Reischman, a request for a consent to search form was completed, and the clothes that Reischman was allegedly wearing on the day of the incident were furnished to Tpr. Lotwick.

[Next week we will continue with the State’s version of events, and the charges being made.]



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