The Pennsylvania Justice Project Radio Program – Episode Two

btrWhat were some of the glaring inconsistencies and red flags in the alleged evidence against Tim McEnany in the Katherine Bishop murder trial?

Listen to this week’s installment of the Pennsylvania Justice Project radio program for some insight into just a few of the reasons I believe this case merits a careful investigation, and should result in a mistrial.

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We believe that these issues must be seriously questioned and looked at with fresh eyes, and a serious dedication to serving justice. Katherine Bishop’s murder — clearly a crime of passion — should have resulted in a more thorough investigation, so that the real killer could be brought to justice. But that didn’t happen. And with your help, perhaps we can help that to happen.



About Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato, OFM

Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato is a Franciscan priest and retired archbishop of the North American Old Catholic Communion. A former canon lawyer, he has dedicated his spare time to the research and furtherance of the efforts to free those unjustly convicted for crimes they did not commit.
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