Pennsylvania Justice Project Radio Program – Jury Tampering, Promotions & Scandal?

btrCould it be that the Pennsylvania State Police is the most corrupt in the nation, and that the Pennsylvania Justice System is routinely manipulated by the State Police, resulting in wrongful convictions?

How did the arresting officer, Trooper Lotwick, wind up becoming the Dauphin County Sheriff? And why was he permitted to transport the sequestered jurty back and forth to Tim’s second trial, opening them to the distinct possibility of jury tampering?

Were those who turned a blind eye (on BOTH sides of the case) rewarded for playing along?

Listen in to today’s radio show, The Pennsylvania Justice Project, and decide for yourself!

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About Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato, OFM

Fr. Francis-Maria Salvato is a Franciscan priest and retired archbishop of the North American Old Catholic Communion. A former canon lawyer, he has dedicated his spare time to the research and furtherance of the efforts to free those unjustly convicted for crimes they did not commit.
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